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All information in this site is based upon information furnished by third party sources. The information contained herein was obtained from sources believed to be reliable and from subscribers who enter information themselves; however, GoodDogInfo makes no guarantees, warranties, or representations as to the accuracy thereof. Any information on this site should be verified by other sources. The information within this publication is for the sole and exclusive use of the registered user.


Subscriber Agreement

1. Licensee may create printouts of data for personal use only. Licensee may not copy, download, store, publish, transmit, transfer, sell or otherwise use GoodDogInfo data, or any portion of such data, in any form or by any means except (a) as expressly permitted by this agreement, (b) with GoodDogInfo prior written permission, or (c) if not expressly prohibited by this agreement as allowed under the fair use provision of the Copyright Act (17 USC Sec. 107). Downloaded data may not be stored or used in an archival database or other searchable database except as expressly permitted by this agreement. Licensee shall not sell, license or distribute data in any form to third parties or use data as a component or as a basis for any material offered for sale, license or distribution. Use of data to create mailing or marketing lists for commercial purpose or for distribution to third parties is strictly prohibited. Licensee must keep strictly confidential the pass identification number issued to it by GoodDogInfo . Licensee's pass identification number must remain within its sole possession and control at all times and may not be communicated in any manner or form to any party not authorized by GoodDogInfo to have access to and use such pass identification number. Except for the license granted by this agreement, all right, title and interest in GoodDogInfo data, in all languages, formats and media throughout the world, including all copyrights, are and will continue to be the exclusive property of GoodDogInfo.

2. DISCLAIMER OF WARRANTIES AND LIMITATION OF LIABILITY- GoodDogInfo data is provided "as is", without warranty of any kind, express or implied, including, but not limited to, the warranties of performance, merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. GoodDogInfo and contributors of data shall have no liability whatsoever to licensee for any claim(s) relating in any way to this agreement or their performance hereunder, regardless of the form of action, whether based in contract or negligence. In no event shall GoodDogInfo or contributors of data be liable to licensee for any claim(s) relating to licensee's inability or failure to perform research or related work or to perform such research or other work properly or completely even if assisted by nor shall or contributors of data be liable for any lost profits or other consequential, exemplary, incidental, indirect or special damages, even if advised of the possibility of such damages.

3. RESPONSIBILITY FOR CERTAIN MATTERS-Subscriber shall be responsible for all access to and use of GoodDogInfo data by subscriber personnel or by means of subscriber equipment or the GoodDogInfo pass identification number (for subscribers), whether or not Licensee has knowledge of or authorizes such access and use.

4. RESERVATION OF RIGHTS- GoodDogInfo reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions of this Agreement from time to time including, but not limited to, the right to impose access and usage limitations. Such modifications
shall be effective immediately upon written notice to Account Subscriber.

5. EFFECT OF AGREEMENT-This Agreement embodies the entire agreement between the parties with respect to the subject matter hereof and supersedes any and all prior understandings and agreements, oral or written, relating thereto. GoodDogInfo , may amend the terms and conditions of this Agreement by giving licensee written notice thereof. Any other amendment hereto must be in writing and signed by both parties.

6. NOTICES-All notices hereunder shall be given in writing to GoodDogInfo.

7. GOVERNING LAW-This Agreement shall be governed by and construed under the laws of the State of Texas.

If you have any questions regarding the rules and regulations please feel free to call our office during business hours.


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